Friday, January 30, 2009


I made to La Plata! Currently, we (me and 5 other interns from the US) are staying in a pension for orientation. The one-hour bus ride was easy-breezy, but moving all of my "crap" was not! How I have acquired so much stuff in 3 months, I don't know! It is really absurd and, of course, I have the most stuff out of all the interns... so embarrassing! Anyway, orientation is all in Spanish - a bit of a shock to my system - and we have to give presentations in Spanish this week so the directors can evaluate our skills (or lack there of). We took a short city tour this afternoon with one of our directors (stopping for helado along the way) and we are having an asado tonight in the pension. There is another Colombian girl staying here, who happens to work in the same organization that I will be volunteering in. We had a very nice conversation (in Spanish!). I am excited to start work and meet my host family. The city is very pretty - much smaller than BA. I'll post pictures soon.

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