Friday, March 13, 2009

Comedores: La Estrategia del Caracol y Aprendiendo

This morning, I went to snap some photos of the comedor, La Estrategia del Caracol, where I will (hopefully) be building the first solar water heater. This comedor (functions as a soup kitchen and community center) is located outside of the city serving about 100 families.

biblioteca para los niños
roof that will need extra support for a 400-L tankoven where the ladies made bread (past FSD project)garden (past FSD w/Biosfera project)look at the size of those suckers!ideal location for the SWHpipe connection to city mainneighboring house with roof-tank - proof that there is enough water pressure for a roof-tankneighbors and roadAprendiendo comedor, courtesy of Jessie

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