Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dieta Round 2

Ok, here I go. I think that I am going to do it this time. I am taking the plunge. No more facturas, no more white bread, limited pasta and pizza (but banishment would be impossible when depending on others' meal plans), no more helado (that's right, I'm serious this time).

I decided on the diet otra vez after seeing beach pictures - not so fun... And alas, I had my first test of determination yesterday morning. I arrived at work to plate-full of facturas (think croissants filled with dulce de leche and other amazing sweets) in the kitchen. But I wasn't going to dive in. I was determined to stay strong. When my co-workers arrived, they all squealed in delight and started digging into the goodies. At which point, I was standing by the stove heating up the water for mate (new addiction) and they turned to offer me some. When I politely declined, they gawked (I think that jaws actually hit the floor) - probably from a combination of the yumminess of the facturas and their knowledge of my insatiable sweet tooth. So, I just went ahead and announced my new diet. Big mistake! Immediately, my Columbian friend grabbed at my waist to "measure" my tummy, and then came the taunting with the facturas ("are you suuuuure that you don't want one?" while dangling them in front of my face). Despite this, I succeeded in staying strong! Yay me!

Today I got some more stomach grabs, always fun... not. Helado will be the real test - I am not looking forward to that.

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