Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My daily schedule has become welcoming-ly steady. Arrive at work at 9:30, work all day with a wonderful home-cooked lunch around 2pm, work-out/see friends/do yoga/go to capoiera, head home for dinner and lastly, the highlight, Valientes!

My host family is addicted to Valientes, a muy muy popular Argentine telenovela based in Buenos Aires. We sit down together all eyes glued to the TV from 10-11pm M-Thurs. no talking allowed. The premise is silly and predictable (think bad day-time television) - 3 hermanos and 3 hermanas, fairly self-explanatory. But of course, I love it! I look forward to watching it everyday. Hilariously, all of the host families are hooked too, and the other interns and I discuss the show all of the time - catching each other up on missed episodes, reviewing the plot to make sure we understood the Spanish, fighting over which brother is hotter, etc, etc.

This picture says it all:


  1. I counted five hermanas and three hermanos in this picture. the two boy herms on the right are like the same person/gorgeous.
    But really, is it better than dog whisperer/jon&kate/hills/real housewives of ny/the office/project runway/ANTM???? douuubt it.

  2. oh man, that comment is a little depressing - did we (by we, i really mean me) watch that much tv?!?!?! well, i guess that's what happens when you live in a cave!