Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling Pretty Good!

This morning, I went to a language school to start Spanish classes. Even though my Spanish has improved a lot by living with my family and working at the Fundacion. I still struggle with comprehension and want to improve my vocabulary. So, I decided to sign up for some more classes. The class is through the University of La Plata at La Escuela de Lenguas. I went 2 weeks ago for an interview and was placed into an intermediate class. I was also told that there were be no more than 4 people in my class. However, when I arrived today, the class was packed with 8 people of all different levels. I am the only American, which I found amusing - 3 French students, 3 Brazilian, 1 German, 1 Malaysian. I unfortunately arrived late and therefore, had to present myself to the class. I was happy though because I wasn't nervous at all. It is nice to know that I have reached the level of basic conversation. During my presentation, most of the other students had no idea what I had said (I guess also a good sign) and so I received lots of questions (Que es un ONG? NGO Que significa medio-ambiente? environment). For the rest of class, we went over extremely basic material. I talked to the teacher after class and she said that she is going to evaluate all of the students after the class next week, so hopefully, I can move up. Otherwise, I probably won't continue. But hey, it felt pretty awesome understanding everything for a change :)

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  1. congratulations lady, can't wait to go salsa dancing with you when we get back and watch your skills in action