Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Libros en Español

To further update you on my Spanish progress, I finished my first Spanish book 2 weeks ago! It was a huge success for me and the challenge was fun. I read "El Principito" (The Little Prince), which was my first time reading it. I was able to understand all of the sentence structures, but needed to look up a good amount of the vocabulary. Now, I have moved on to Horacio Quiroga, who is a famous Uruguayan author. His book "Cuentos de La Selva" (Stories of the Forest) is short stories about animals for children (or beginners to Español like me). He has a number of other short-story books, which are much darker, similar to Edgar Allen Poe's style. We read one in my language school in Buenos Aires about a woman dying from an animal that lived in her pillow and was sucking her blood nightly. Strange stuff.


  1. Jerome said he was going to bring me Le Petit Prince in French for me to practice with... how funny that it seems to be the universal foreign language beginners book.

  2. I think Grandpa would be so excited that you read his favorite book in Spanish!