Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sabado a Trabajo

Yes, it´s Saturday and I am at work. I just dropped off the tank for soldering and went on an adventure to put in an order for wood. We ordered 8 pieces of 2x4 at 3 meters each for a total cost of $152 pesos ($41 USD). This wood is for the box frame. I still need to buy the thinner wood to cover the frame. I am learning that in order for things to get accomplished I need to be very flexible about my schedule - feriados, weekends, it doesn´t matter. This week is the big construction week, but with Thursday and Friday as holidays for Easter, we will see how much actually gets done. We are going to be buliding a wall at the comedor to support a second tank to provide the pressure by gravity to the collector, build the wooden frame, test the tank for pressure as well as sand and paint the tank black. I´ll update with pictures as the progress moves along. Thank goodness things are coming together, I was getting worried!

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