Friday, April 3, 2009


Yesterday was another holiday here - Dia de Malvinas - to remember the fallen soldiers from the Malvinas War (aka the Falkland Islands). A big mess of a war that was a mistake from the start and the subject is taboo in conversation as most Argentines are a wee bit bitter about the whole experience. Anyway, I enjoyed my holiday, but did come into the office for a couple of hours. With this holiday and the upcoming Easter holiday, I am getting antsy about finishing my project.

After the office, I headed over to a friend's house and 6 of us watched Milk, which I bought boot-leg at the Feria in Plaza Italia. Boot-leg videos are the way to go here, everybody buys them for movies and TV shows (Lost is absurdly popular here). Anyway, Milk was a great movie and after we had a good discussion about Gay Rights, Machismo in Latin American, and relationships in general. For dinner, we ordered in empanadas (a first for me!). They were delicious! They had about 30 different types either cooked in the oven or fried (hello heart attack!). I stuck to the oven type and got a queso y choclo (cheese and corn, my favorite), queso y cebolla (cheese and onion), and carne (the classic). The yumminess of the empanadas certainly made up for the lack of popcorn. I love movie nights :)

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