Monday, February 16, 2009


So, last Monday, I decided to go on a diet. This was going to be my first every “diet.” Normally, all of the sports and natural disposition for healthy food has helped me avoid bad-eating habits and excess weight gain. But, alas, the pizzas, pastas, empanadas, dulce de leche, alfajores, cookies, facturas, and helado (along with some new padding around the waist line) have made me realize that I need to start watching what I eat.

The diet lasted 5 days (see post below on Buenos Aires with helado).

In addition, my office surprised me with a belated-birthday torta (cake) on Friday and it would have been rude to refuse. Maybe I´ll try again later… Or maybe I´ll just eat all of the yummy food that I can while I am here and worry about it when I get home…


  1. NO NO NO NO! Don't just leave the diet for your return to the U.S. Eat healthy while you're down there and come back in good shape!

  2. I say embrace the empanadas /medialunas /choizo /dulce de leche

    plus you don't want to give your host family the wrong impression about americanos by faling into the diet-obsessive cultural stereotype. Mange mange mange!