Wednesday, February 11, 2009

La Pesadilla de Transporte Publico

UGH! Biggest frustration in all of Argentina is the public transportation system! I had been able to escape the frustrations of using the public buses and the aggravation of searching for the needed monedas (coins) by using my bike, until yesterday! It rained. I was stuck at work without any monedas or tarjeta (card) to ride the bus. Around 6 pm, I decided enough with the waiting for rain to stop and ventured on a journey to find monedas in the rain. Since I left my bike at work, I needed enough monedas for 2 rides ($3.80 in monedas) to return in the morning. I went from kiosco to kiosco asking if they had any, no luck. Finally, one told me that another kiosco, across a plaza, sold tarjetas. So, I trudged over to the other side to find out that he didn't have any because the delivery man never showed up. However, he agreed to exchange a 2-peso note for monedas. Sweet enough to get to work in the morning. I gave up the search and took a cab home. Ugh, Argentina.

For more on the coin shortage:

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