Tuesday, February 10, 2009

La Fiesta! y Mi Cumpleanos!

Friday was the big party for my host grandma. 70! During the day, I chilled in my other host grandma's apartment (where I was staying with my fam). My host dad and mom were running around shopping and cooking for the big night. They sent my host grannie, sister and me a little afternoon snack:
our "light" snack of facturas

Around 9pm, we headed over to the hall for the fiesta, where my host dad had been cooking up a storm.
asado, claro!
The guests started showing up around 10:15pm and we started eating at 10:30pm. It was a feast - wine, salads, chorizo, empanadas, steak, veggies, ice cream and, of course, birthday cake! When the clock struck midnight, my host mom realized that it was officially my birthday so everyone (30 people) sang me "Feliz Cumpleanos" and bestowed me with kisses. Very nice.

The dinner lasted until 3am (both grannies were still up, enjoying themselves immensely), at which point, my host siblings and cousins wanted to take me out to a club. I was a little tired, but, alas, who could turn down such an offer?? So off we went, dancing until 7am. A very Argentine birthday!

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