Monday, February 16, 2009

La Noche de Sabado

Saturday night, I stayed with my very good friend in Buenos Aires. It was a treat to see her new apartment, which has a very interesting set-up. All of the apartments face the center of the building, which is open to the sky. Entering the apartment, you are standing in a hallway that is open to the center. Off of the hallway, there are 5 rooms (3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen). It is a beautiful set-up, but the only draw-back is the difficulty of keeping out cockroaches. Unfortunately, cockroaches are quite common in Buenos Aires (La Plata, too). I have almost gotten used to seeing them, but they still give me the willies.

My friend lives in a neighborhood of BA that I didn´t spend much time in when I lived there. BA is huge! That night, we went to get a drink at a local bar in her neighborhood and it made me realize how little of BA I really experienced. There is so much to do and see, so many neighborhoods to explore, so many milongas to attend, so many restaurants to try. I left BA this weekend with a new appreciation of the city and all of its intricacies, but I was looking forward to returning to my peaceful life in La Plata. I am enjoying the simplicity of my days of working, seeing friends, spending time with my host family, working out at my gym, and doing yoga. I think that the slower pace of life suits me very well.

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