Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I joined a gym!

Yep! I joined a gym! It's close to my house, only 10 blocks so I can ride my bicycle there. It is on the "ghetto" side, but they have some machines and weights.

When you join a gym in Argentina, they make you complete a set of exercises to evaluate your current fitness level. So, that's what I did yesterday. Not bad at all.

Side note on greetings: whenever you enter a room and see people for the first time, it is part of Argentine culture to greet with a kiss on the right cheek (yes, men also). Hilariously, people do this at the gym, too! Whenever someone entered the gym, they walked around the two rooms kissing everyone else on the cheek. It didn't matter if a person was dripping in sweat (not too many people were) or on a machine. Gotta love those friendly Argentines!

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