Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I got hit by a bus

Not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but still true.

While biking home last week, a bus making a stop pulled up next me so quickly that my ghetto brakes were of no help. To avoid crashing into the people getting off the bus, I turned instead into the parked car next to me. I got off balance and flew the other way into the stopped bus. Luckily, I wear a helmet (only person in all of Argentina to do so) so I survived without a scratch. It was still scary, though. When I told my boss about what happened, he grabbed my shoulders, looked deeply into my eyes, and pleaded with me to be VERY careful.

Roads in Argentina are notoriously dangerous. There are no stop signs and few stop lights. Enter cross-sections at your own risk! Braking for pedestrians is not a common practice, even when the cross signs are green.


  1. Your wearing a helmet in a country where no one else wears one makes me very proud. Do I have to start calling you Mrs. Safety?

    Think about it...perhaps this will finally give us an opportunity to share a last name, albeit an unofficial one unrecognized by the legal system. And doesn't Mr. and Mrs. Safety sound so much better than Mr. Schroback and Mrs. Thys-Schroback?

  2. hmm, you might be on to something... at least Mrs. Safety doesn't sound so ethnic