Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mi Proyecto: Calentador Solar de Agua

Yesterday was my first official day of work with Biosfera (minus the "protest"). First thing in the morning, I had a meeting with Horacio, the president and my supervisor, to discuss ideas. I expressed my interest in sustainable technology and told him about my project in India (rain-water harvesting system). He was thrilled! He threw out the idea of making a solar water heater (SWH) for a community center in an area of the city without sufficient services. I actually visited the exact community center that he was speaking about with FSD during orientation (we made bread). In addition, he wants me to make a second SWH on the roof of our building to act as a model for future projects. Furthermore, he wants me to write a pamphlet/manual (in Spanish, of course).

I am ecstatic about the project! It is exactly the kind of project that I wanted. What's more exciting is that I get to organize the project completely by myself. I have never worked completely independently before on a large project so I am excited about the challenge.

4 months, 2 SWHs, 1 Spanish pamphlet, a barrel of enthusiasm - totally doable!

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