Friday, February 27, 2009

Proyecto: chugging along

If I haven't already made it clear, my boss is awesome. This week, he put me in contact with 2 Argentines that want to help me with my project. One is an industrial engineer, Santiago, who is interested in helping me build the system. The second is a graphic designer (!!!), Carlos, who is going to help me design and make the instructional pamphlets. These additions are extremely helpful and more than welcome :)

This week, beside meeting with my two new helpers, I have been writing a grant report to apply for funding from FSD and going to the comedor to chat with the ladies. I'm happy with the progress so far even though it is a bit slow.


  1. Hi Liz,

    Sounds like you are making great progress. When will you actually begin building the water heating system?

  2. progress is happening, construction should start in 2 weeks. still need to finish my grant report, find materials, hold information sessions at the comedor and more. ill post pictures as the project comes together